Scheduling my lobotomy

Wednesday's outfit, and my magical necklace.
Final's care package from my super sweet mama

Remember on Wednesday when I talked about how to survive finals? I forgot a pretty important step.

MAKE SURE YOU'RE STUDYING THE RIGHT REVIEW. Or you'll end up like me, and spend two days trying to figure out how you attended every single class and can't comprehend a single thing on the dang review, even going as far as to bribe bilingual children to help you. Then you'll look up and see Spanish 1442 on the top of your review. And you're in 1441.

I'm taking a study break to type this. I just realized that I was doing the wrong review about five minutes ago. I have the new review in front of me, and I can proudly say I understand it. Thank goodness.

Does anyone else have a moment like this, where you realize your brain obviously jumped ship awhile ago?

Anyway. I have a photoshoot Monday after my first final. Because that's the logical thing to do the first day of finals week. So expect lots of stories from that Tuesday morning or Monday night.

Good luck to everyone taking finals, and if you look like this right now, send me a picture so I don't feel as alone. :)

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jessica said...

I'm about to enter into finals week, too. My first one is Monday at 10:30am. I should be studying for that now, but instead, I'm reading blogs. Oh, the distractions of the Internet! haha

Good luck with exams!!