Ten things

Elizabeth has a cute blog, and a cute baby.  She also does a list of ten things link up, which is where I'm going with this.

1. They thought I had an ear infection today when I went to the doctor, so they had to do some irrigation thing to my ear. It's driving me crazy that they didn't do both sides. Have I mentioned I'm OCD? Because I am. And I'm obsessing now over the unevenness of my ears. I'm so rational it kills me.
2. I discovered tonight that I'm a lot more productive with my studying if I draw pictures to go along with my notes.

3. For future reference, this is the engagement ring I want.
Pinned Image
Also, I pinned it, so when I went into Pinterest to find the picture, I noticed that every wedding dress I pin is the exact same style. Obviously that's a sign. And yes, I have a wedding pin board. And no, I'm not getting married for awhile.
4. I usually don't watch much TV that's not on cable. Mainly because when I turn on my TV it's for background noise, so I just find something quickly to put on. But I am in love with New Girl on Fox. It comes on on Tuesdays after Glee, and it's hilarious. Everyone needs to go watch it. You can find old episodes on the Fox website, then come back here and thank me for introducing you to such incredible comedy.
5. My dad is the hardest person to shop for for Christmas. Every year, he tells me what he wants is a desk calendar that I've decorated for him. So every year, that's what I get him but this year I feel like I need to spice it up. Except what do I get him? In addition to the calender, of course.
6. I found the perfect red nail polish. And then I lost it, or the couch stole it. Either way, I'm on a mission to find it because frankly, it's too incredible to be laying on the floor somewhere.
7. Love her.

8. I had been telling myself that 8am finals would be okay, because I could get them over with, then go home and sleep for a bit. But then I found out I had to work this week, so I told myself it'd be okay because at least I could go home and rest a little bit before work. Then we got scheduled for work meetings. If none of my posts are coherent next week, I'm so sorry. I'm going to be drained beyond belief.
9. Spike has taught me that in a fight between Zombies and Vampires, Vampires would win. This is extremely important and confusing knowledge. Important, because now I know that if I'm given the choice, I should choose to be a vampire. Confusing, because I don't get the point of zombies. Why didn't they just die? And now what are they trying to accomplish? A speed walking competition?
10. I need to find a new backpack and a new winter bag. Right now I'm using my laptop bag to hold everything, but I feel like using a backpack would be more practical. I want it to be a bright color, and I want it to be able to hold my laptop. Does anyone have a favorite that they use?

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Jennifer said...

That is a gorgeous ring! And I like your pictures on your notes...whatever works!