The way it goes.



  1. Today’s outfit. Shirt from Old Navy, ring from Old Navy, and nail  polish is Kook-a-mango by Sally Hansen. I’m obsessed with it, it’s such a pretty coral color.
  2. My USB robot owl from my brother, her name is Luna. The cats love stalking her.
  3. Twilight all cuddled up waiting for Santa.
  4. There is something so soothing about laying in front of an open fire.
  5. My nephew being an artist.

My nephew is my step-sister’s son, but he’s too little to understand what step siblings are. So when my dad explained to him that I was his daughter, my nephew decided to go around to everyone and explain “This is my Aunt Anna. She’s grandpa’s daughter”, including to me and my grandparents. Such a ham.


Alyssa said...

Hahaha kids are so cute! And I love that ring!

Sarah Stright said...

Very cute. And that ring is adorable! So too is the phone case. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Lisa @ MMT said...

So cute! Love your ring and your top :)