Coming into 20

Remember a whole two days ago when I told you I had super cool ladies coming this week? And you guys jumped up and down, cheering and praising me? No? Maybe that was just in my head...
Anyway, to kick off my entrance into my twenties is Sarah from Coming Unstitched. Give her your full attention, because after reading this, I want to be her best friend. Really. She's that awesome.

I'm honored to be guest blogging here at Owls and Lace in honor of Anna's upcoming birthday.  She asked that the posts be in the theme of the 20s and now that I'm almost 29 {in March.. eek!}, we'll see how much of my 20s I can remember {you know, old age and all}.
Wheelbarrow races in your 20s are important- especially when you win
Wheelbarrow races in your 20s are important- especially when you win

The {almost} decade of my 20s that I've survived have been amazing.  The 20s are really when you start growing up, finding yourself, and realize that you're an adult with bills to pay, responsibilities to have, and careers to make.  That sounds way more fun than it is {except the bills part, that part sucks}.  
picture3 (3)
Make sure you play with tons of light up guns.

A quick rundown of things that happened to me in my 20s:
* I graduated college,
* I moved to Philadelphia, PA {9 hours from home, completely on my own, knowing no one} for a job,
* I lived through the real life Devil Wears Prada {no, seriously},
* I moved back home to Toledo, OH,
* I ended a 10 year relationship {we dated from ages 15 to 25}
* I moved to Columbus, OH, 
* I moved to Pittsburgh, PA, {moving is fun, packing is not}
* I graduated college again {Masters Degree- what, what!}, 
* I started a blog,
* I got engaged,
* And at the end of this year, the final year of my 20s, I'll be getting married.
Getting engaged is a pretty sweet part of my 20s

In between all of this there were friendships made, friendships lost, love lost, and love found.  I lost people dear to me, and I got to welcome new life into the world {not for me- kids are scary to me}.  I've become an aunt, I've become a sister-in-law, and I've become a fiancée.  The best thing that happened during all of this time?  Learning who I am.  I figured out what I want, what I don't want, and where I'm going.  I've learned what I want out of life and who I want with me as I get it.  And I learned that I like myself.  Seriously, I'm super cool and you should all want to be best friends with me.
Your 20s are the best times and worst times of your life.  And who you are on that first day out of your teens, compared with who you are when you are on the brink of 30 {seriously, eeeeek!} is a completely different person.  And I'm willing to bet that you'll end up liking that person.  {And then you'll spend time walking around the mall thinking "was I THAT annoying as a 20 year old?" and you'll realize how old that sounds and you'll pretend you've never thought it.}  My 20s have been and continue to be incredibly amazing- everything about them.  I wouldn't trade any single part of these years for anything, these experiences have helped me grow into who I am now {and need I remind you that I'm super cool?}.  Anna, I hope that your 20s are as amazing to you as mine have been to me.  Happy Birthday, lady and wishing you a decade full  of awesomeness.
Sometimes, even in your late 20s, you still have to make time for spinning around until you're crazy dizzy, and pretend to still be a child.


Annie said...

This is such a refreshing post...I still have 3 more years to go in my 20s...and it's really SUCH an exciting time! Great post Sarah :)

The Other Side of Gray

Gawgus things... said...

Seriously, life gets better and better and better the older you get!

Emma xx

Michelle P said...

Aww great post!

I do think that life keeps getting better and better

Victoria said...

AWESOME and so well-written! I want to be her bff too! :)

Bravoe Runway said...

I love Sarah's blog and I am so glad you featured her! She has had a very exciting 20s...mine was definitely nothing as exciting!