In the last twenty years

  • Got a little brother
  • Performed at Yale
  • Moved across the country (from Connecticut to Texas)
  • Parents divorced
  • Had my heart broken for the first time
  • Had my first kiss
  • Changed schools three times
  • Modeled published in Hopscotch for girls
  • Made it to state for pageants three times (and made top 7 twice)
  • Won my court case
  • Started an advocacy group
  • Fell in love
  • Stopped accepting less than I deserved
  • Fell in love again
  • Went camping for the first time since girl scouts
  • PE academic achievement
  • Graduated high school
  • Started college
  • Published in APA’s annual book
  • Decided it was time to be independent


modern Suburbanites said...

those are some great accomplishments! :)


Sarah Stright said...

Congratulations on all of that!!! Here's to another wonderful 20 years. Happy Birthday!

KnittedFox said...

So much has happened in the last 20 years! I'm sure your next 20 will be even better!!

Happy Birthday!

Alana Christine said...

Woot woot! Happy birthday!

Hannah said...

You have a lot to be proud of missy! I switched schools 3 times as well...not an easy transition! Definitely think it helps shape who you become though.

Hope your birfday is amaze-balls!

Anonymous said...

So I just moved to Connecticut a year and a half ago...from Florida. Congrats on all of your accomplishments!!


Forever Fashionably Late said...

Happy birthday! It's really nice seeing old pictures and accomplishments from the last 20 years! Really cute idea for a birthday post : )

Forever Fashionably Late

Breanna said...

Your are so pretty girl! What great accomplishments as well! I've been meaning to ask you where in Texas?

Alyssa said...

Did you love CT or totally hate it? I'm from there too and I really miss it sometimes!

La Mode by Marianne said...

Good for you!! You rock...Happy Birthday! :)

Anna Elizabeth said...

Not bad for 20 years ;) And to think that you're just getting started in the world! Happy birthday =D