Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • I’m starting to think it’s impossible for me to have a first week of school without me doing something embarrassing. Fall semester of Freshman year, I introduced myself as “Hi, I’m Anna and I have crabs. Not STDS. Real crabs. That don’t talk”. Spring semester I managed to ACCIDENTALLY punch a girl in the nose so hard I popped her nose out of the place. And then spilled my coffee as I walked in the next day. So I did a weird neigh, gallop thing across the room to distract everyone.Anyway, this week I was walking with my books, broke my bag and then somehow walked around with just the handle on my wrist like a bracelet, without noticing. Lana the Love Guru thinks I should just not go to school the first week. I’m starting to agree with her.
  • The conversations I hear at school. Such as “I was going to take that class last semester, but I had to dye my hair”. I tried that on my dad. He told me to stop texting him jokes. Some people have all the luck.
  • I’ve watched an entire season of Parenthood on Netflix in two days.
  • Boys
  • How hyper 20oz of coffee makes me. I’m pretty sure I giggled for a good two hours straight, and disrupted the entire library. Sorry.
  • Yesterday I got to school super early. So I go in the hall to wait for my class. Three police officers run by yelling, then start questioning everybody around me. Finally they figure out that my teacher is locked in a room, so we go in. Then the teacher educates us on how to minimize a webpage, what a home page is and how to use Google. I'm pretty sure I drove everyone in phone insane ranting about this. At least Ashley thought it was funny. 
  • The kids at school who have started calling me mom. And complimenting my long legs. And how hood I am.
  • Birthdays. Any day where it’s all about me is okay with me.Really.
  • Going to Sonic to get my daily happy hour, and realizing that I can get a gallon for the price of a regular non-happy hour large. So I did. My horoscope said people born on my birthday are frugal. I wanted to live up to that.
  • Twilight. She keeps sneezing and cuddling up on my bed. And it’s cute.
  • Sweet guys that prove chivalry isn’t dead. Even when you’ve been married 61 years.
  • Getting to see my favorite lady on my birthday, and then going to lunch and laughing at everything possible.
  • All the guest posters this week!
  • The owl stuff my brother got me for my birthday.
  • Sweet texts <3
  • My social life lately, now that I can do whatever I want. 
  • Considering stuff I want to buy, or trips I'm about take an thinking "Oh yeah, I can just do it. I'm twenty. And I'm single."
  • This pretty lady and I are teaming up to do Fab Friday Fashion. So tomorrow, come link up with your outfits and add the button. :)


Alana Christine said...

hahaha. DEFINITELY skip next year!
I find it hilarious that they used a whole class period to explain that, only because one of my teachers used a whole class period explaining how to use Excel, WITHOUT being able to open the program. haha

MacKensie said...

hahahahaa I just literally laughed out loud thinking of your neighing and galloping across your classroom. That is amazing. LOVE your blog.



Steph said...

Haha... I remember all those awkward school moments! And i love all your awesomes. So glad i found your blog :)