Fab Friday

I've been trying to think of something really dramatic to say to preface this, but I have nothing. Just go link up all your hot outfits, then go look at everyone else's outfits and ooh/awe over them. You'll get new friends. And some new outfits. Besides, this is my blog and you have to do what I say, right? ;)
So grab the button, add your link, and go to town commenting on everyone else. That's the spirit of Fab Friday.
P.S. You can see the BEST one here. Trust me, she's a doll.

But before I show you what I wore, we need to have a talk. You see, I’ve given up on dressing cute for school ( I know, three days in) I haven’t gone so far as to wear sweats, but I just don’t put as much effort in as I do for work. So since I’ve only worked two days this week so far, this is what you get. Promise not to revoke my status?
Everything is from Target except for the necklace (Send the Trend), pin (Macy's) and boots (gift)

Oh, and this is how I’m trying my make up for awhile. It’s a good look for me, right?


jessica dukes said...

i love this idea...i wear workout clothes and look homeless on a daily basis because i am a nanny, but if i got dressed...i would so be on this...

i love your blog and am a new follower over from hollies blog!


Hollie Ann said...

i have that skirt! i love it! :)

Elisa said...

haha love that mask! and the skirt is great!


La Mode by Marianne said...

Oh man I really wanted to link up to this but work was so crazy and my friday outfit was not so fab lol.

Next Friday I'll make sure it is though! :)

Janna Renee said...

You are such a cutie pie!! I'm not even gonna lie- when I click on your blog (bc I'm old skool and don't know how to use the reader) your cuteness makes me smile :D Ps. I tagged you on the ol' blog!

Sarah said...

Haha best look ever ;) I am in LOVE with that skirt!