Some things I’ve learned over the past few days.

  • Just because you’re the one who did the breaking up, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be any easier. The only difference will be that you saw it coming before the other person did.
  • And when you make it Facebook official, all of a sudden you’ll have about five million bff’s you didn’t know existed, who all want to know the drama behind it ending. And even if they really are your friend, they’ll still tell you why you were wrong for doing it and should be working on things. 1
  • I have been blessed with the most incredible friends, who bring me hot chocolate when I’m stressed, Skype with me so I’ll stop sobbing, send me sweet text messages for encouragement and never let me doubt myself. And a mom who takes me to casinos on NYE so I’m not thinking about being forever alone.
  • It hits the hardest when you’re packing up their stuff, and see the physical representation of two years of your life in a pile. Especially when you realize it only fits in one bag. And the other person insists that you hand it over in person.
  • Break ups are a great time for a make over. My name twin agrees. So if you have some make over tips, send them my way.
  • Work is a good distraction. Since it was Christmas break, and they didn’t see me for awhile, when my kinderbabies walked in yesterday, they came sprinting and screaming “MISS ANNA! I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSED YOU!”. And hugs like that ease a broken heart. A lot.
  • Making lists always make me feel so much more sure of my decisions.


Anna Elizabeth said...

Yay for lists, makeovers, and making it through a break up =) You might already be familiar with this song, but my favorite therapeutic break up song has been Mumford & Sons "The Cave."

Sarah Stright said...

Aww. I know how hard it can all be. I had to break up with an ex that I had dated for 10 years just because as you said, we were on different paths. It sucks no matter who does it. Chin up, you'll get there.

Jen said...

I'm going through a break-up too, after 4 years. I've also deemed myself "forever alone." Might seem sort of dramatic, but being single and no guys wanting to be with me SURE makes it feel that way!!! It's not a happy time. But it sounds like you have some good ways of coping :) xo

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

You will not be "forever alone!" Just keep your head up and do whatever makes YOU happy... and a makeover is a great idea! After one of my crazy/dramatic/heartbreaking breakups (um.. I am a bit dramatic... but I had a bf for 4 years and we broke up while I was a sophomore in college) I CHOPPED all of my hair off and BLEACHED it, got my nails/toes done in a color I'd usually NEVER have chosen, and bought clothes I'd usually NEVER wear... and I LOVED IT.... I felt like a completely new person and it helped me get over those four years of hell! :) So go for it! Change it all up!

Or don't... whatever you want :) Either way... GET HAPPY!

Love love love,

Victoria said...

You gotta love those "in person hand overs" My ex-fiance and I have been done for 7 months, and he texted me last night saying he found a Christmas gift I gave him in a box and wants to meet so I can have it back... Hmmm, let me think... No? Breakups are super tricky hun, but everything you are writing sounds like awesome ways of easing the pain.

KEEP BUSY! That was the number one thing that has helped me. And just know you are loved :) and shall not be forever alone.

<3 V

GingerPeachT said...

well i have to say that I have never done the breaking up part...so im not sure how that feels, but I imagine if you've been good friends for such a long time, it would be difficult.
I think you are on the right track though! Makeovers are always fun :-)