Loving Organization

I found out yesterday that one of the guys I was friends with in high school is just as obsessed with organization as I am, so the most logical course of action was for us to send pictures from Pinterest back and forth of perfect organization. And that is what I'm loving today. Organized houses.

Greyold frame jewelry displayoooooh!Love the elegance and simplicity of colorold frame jewelry displayThis is genius! corner drawerClever way to use dead hallway space near kitchen.  Mini desk, cork board, cookbook storage, key/purse drop, etc...crown molding shoe rack! Genius!!Buy an old nightstand at Goodwill, paint it up, cut in half, and put one half on either side of the bed and screw into the wall. - Two nightstands from one...so smartThis level of organization = what dreams are made of.This was my inspiration for reorganizing my closet.Love this idea.Pretty Jewelry Storage

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iluslifexxo said...

Great Post! I also love organization. Hopefully soon I'll be constructing a walk-in closet next to my room so I can't wait to have my clothing, shoes, and things looking like the closets in the 3rd picture on the first row and the first picture on the last row. I'm so excited to start remodeling =)