Awkward and Awesome Thursday



  • Cleaning out my car and finding a wrench that I’ve never seen before. Mechanics tend to leave their tools in my car when they work on it, and I never notice.
  • People who come up to you in the cafeteria and steal your table.
  • Trying to find people in the library. The library in which no one has ANY service, and isn’t supposed to be loudly talking. Good luck.
  • Being in the library, and getting on the elevator. Then as the doors shut a boy starts running to the elevator and you yell “It’s okay, I’ll open the doors for you” and triumphantly hit the button. The button that closes the doors faster. Oops.
  • Skyping when it’s really cold. Yes, I had a blanket on my head for twenty minutes. Yes, Austin LOL’d at me. No, I don’t care. It was warm.
  • People who walk through the silent floor of the library, yapping on their cell phones.
  • Texting someone about your cuddle party. That you’re having with their cat. Forever alone over here.
  • The stress I’m feeling because it’s nearing nine and I still have a bunch to do before bed.
  • The IRS. I filed my refund a week ago, and was told it’d take a week to get it back. And then found out two days ago they’re estimating two weeks. I just want my money.


  • Getting B’s on my first two tests.
  • Finding four finger puppets in my car.
  • Upcoming Girl’s nights
  • Cute text messages
  • Friends that can crack you up no matter what
  • Owls. And the owl cookies a girl in psych showed me today.
  • Martha Stewart Living. And my subscription. Because I feel like such a grown up carrying it in my bag, and whipping it out during downtime.


Alana Christine said...

bahahahaha. I LOVE that you closed the doors on him!!
Be grateful you're getting money back, cause I prolly won't : (

Joy Felicity Jane said...

So many awkward times always happen in the library haha silent floor especially! cute list :) xx

Victoria said...

Good job on your tests!!! I tagged you in a blog today :)


Sarah Ridgway said...

haha I love this! great blog you have here, definatley following! your so pretty!