These are my confessions.


2012-02-11 001 027

1. If you find yourself in such a panic over homework that is all of a sudden due, don’t open your mailbox, because your favorite magazines will be in there begging for you to read them. Yes, I canceled a date to study. And yes, that studying probably won’t happen as soon as it should. I blame Glamour.

2012-02-11 001 028

2. I saw this nail polish on Anna’s blog, and I HAD to go get it. So so so obsessed with how pretty it is over the lilac. (And it’s Popular by Revlon, if you were curious)

2012-02-11 001 009

3. I’ve been slowly getting through “Always Hit on the Wingman” by Glamour’s male love advice columnist, Jake. I feel like I’m privy to a secret world every time I open it. If you go buy your own copy, don’t pass the word around. I don’t want everyone to know all these great secrets.

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4. I read Martha Stewart Living in Spanish yesterday. And everyone kept giving me weird looks. But I’m okay with that, because I found a two page story on things to do when I go to Austin. And they didn’t. That’s what you get for judging my future as a domestic goddess, suckers.

2012-02-11 001 002

5. I will always have a special place in my heart for people who randomly compliment me. Bonus points if it’s out of the blue and we haven’t been talking, or early in the morning. Just for future reference.


Chelsea said...

Haha feel your pain girl-- your blog post is currently distracting me from my homework :) Gotta love blogging! Hope you got your studying/homework done and have a great weekend!

Alana Christine said...

hahahaha. I already read OK magazine today...instead of writing those term papers! And did my blog posts for next week. hahahaha
I love random compliments, too :)

KnittedFox said...

Hehe, I can't totally blame you for wanting to ditch homework for magazines. *^_^*

Anna Elizabeth said...

Haha you weren't joking about running out and buying that nail polish!

Janna Renee said...

So we haven't talked in a few weeks, this will be random AND you will probably check it in the morning. Your blog makes me smile, because you are sweet and presh ;) xoxox