(from left to right)
  1. First morning of it being icy enough I needed to scrape my car before I could leave for school.
  2. Using my owl pencil on my polisci test, which was obviously good luck. (See number eight for my test results, and proof it’s lucky)
  3. Spoiled cat.
  4. I haven’t straightened my hair in forever. And I don’t care. It’s easier to do stuff with them it’s natural.
  5. Cheesin’
  6. Laying in bed for the rest of the day after getting some bad news and leaving work in tears.
  7. These bright pants might be the best thing that has ever happened to me, for real. LOVE.
  8. I get good grades, but dad was still excited about this one.
  9. My ladies.
  10. Encouraging best friends.
  11. Cleaning out my car and finding the weirdest things.
  12. And I found finger puppets, that I plan on using daily, obviously.
  13. All we want is a hot, chivalrous guy. Is that too much to find on this planet?
  14. Reading “Always hit on the wingman”
  15. And sitting in traffic on my way to Lake Worth.
  16. Leaving previous destination and falling in love with the Fort Worth skyline all over again.


Lauren said...

New follower. Found your blog through Story of My Life. You are a very pretty girl...

Lauren Rebecca

Ashley said...

Cute blog you've got here! Looking forward to reading more :)

Anna Elizabeth said...

Amen to #13 =D

Alana Christine said...

Your face is kinda missing from #4!
Totally cute though! lol
Rue 21 has lots of colored pants for like $20!!

Breanna Hohenstein said...

Love all your photos :)

Ali said...

-Hot, chivalrous guy...harder to find than one may think. :/

-I found some colored pants TO DIE for at Gap. Looks like I have some shopping to do. :)