Awkward and Awesome Thursday

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  • People who don’t get the hint.
  • The faces my cat makes when I carry her.
  • Heading to work not planning on stopping for anything.Next thing I know I’m at the McDonald’s drive thru being asked for my money. I need to sleep more. Or drink caffeine left.
  • Over sharers.
  • Being poked by people I don’t know on Facebook. I don’t want to poke with you!
  • Working out hard for the first time in a year, and how out of shape I am. But not super bad. Just bad for how committed I was at one time.


  • Being able to speak enough Spanish that I can talk to my friend about people near by.
  • Cute boys that change the lyrics of my favorite song to say something cute.
  • Fist pumpin’ six year olds.
  • Spring break plans.
  • Study parties.
  • Officially coming back to pageants! (in a month. I’m insane)


Victoria said...

You are altogether awesomer than awesome!!!!!!

Gentri said...

Pageants?? Were you in pageants? :D That's cool!
and yes, the poke thing... it's awkward always. haha!

Amber said...

Fist pumpin six year olds?! HAHA I gotta see it! That sounds hilarious.
PS- your cat's face is ridic, she's like can I go now? :P

Alana Christine said...

WHAT?! Why did I not know you were going back to pageants?

Friendship fail.

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Whaaaaaaaat?! You're going back to pageants?! I wanna see pics of gowns.... :D

P.S. I tagged you for an award today! Check out my post! Duh.


Alissa said...

Fist pumpin six year olds? That really is awesome.

KnittedFox said...

Sounds like a fun week! Pageants again? Can't wait to hear more about it.