“Miss Anna, you are so sassy. SHAKE THOSE HIPS BABY!”

The title has nothing to do with this post. It’s just something that I heard yesterday that cracks me up.

Normally when I win these awards (cus it' happens all the time. Not really, I’m kidding) I group them all into one post. But this one has an OWL in the award. And one of my faves, Ash, gave it to me. So it can have it’s own post.But first let’s talk about her.

This is Ashley. Isn’t she gorgeous?! We’ve bonded over our mutual affection for being Southern and pageants. And her masterful dating advice. She’s taught me how to have major game. PLUS homegirl is in Italy, and married to a Navy guy. Her life doesn’t' get any better.

Here's how it works - upon receiving the award, you are to:
1) Link back to the person who awarded you
2) Answer all of the award questions
3) Award as many bloggers that you think are worthy of this award and make them aware of it

What is your go to make up brand?

Maybelline or ELF. It depends on what I’m buying. I love Maybelline for eye make up, and ELF for everything else.
What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
All the tribal stuff, and cropped tops. SO COMFY.
What is your favorite dessert?
Red Velvet cupcakes. HOLLLLA!
What is your favorite color?
Turquoise and coral
What is your middle name?
The last song you listened to?
Hoedown Throwdown—Miley Cyrus
But in my defense, I was listening to songs to teach dances to for work.
Dogs or cats?
Something you haven't told anyone (on your blog) yet?
It has to wait until Spring Break to be officially announced. But just know that there is a visit happening over Spring Break that is going to change EVERYTHING. And I’m so excited.


Sue said...

That award is so adorable & completely perfect for you!

Anonymous said...

Awh! Yay you deserve it! I love the owl! :)