Firsts in love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and my lack of Valentine, I figured we’d instead reminiscence on my past loves. I’ve been boy crazy since preschool, so I have plenty to share.
First Valentine
When I was three, there was a boy at church named Steven who I was in love with. And like all three year olds, I was horrible at keeping it secret. So my mom knew, my friends knew, I’m sure the whole church knew. However, Steven was eight and did not return my affection. (Obviously I had learned from a young age that older guys are more mature) But I was a cute kid, so our moms started scheming. And the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, Steven cornered me after church and thrust a little teddy bear holding a box of chocolate at me and grunted “Happy Valentine’s Day” then kissed me on the cheek. Looking back, I am fully aware it only happened because his mom made him, but I was in toddler heaven for the rest of the day, and had the teddy bear forever. My poor dad had no idea what he was in for.
First boyfriend
His name was Forrest, we were in fifth grade, and I was in love with his best friend. But his best friend didn’t have mutual feelings (I see a theme here) so I dated Forrest instead. We were together for three or so months, and he’d write me little notes about how I was the most beautiful woman in the world, complete with pictures of me throwing up (Such a keeper) Then I dumped him because I felt like it wasn’t right for me to even look at other boys, and that sucked. And then we got back together in sixth grade, and he dumped me because I was too shy to talk to him, thus creating my first heart break. Bummer.
First Cowboy
I live in a town with a big area of country. So it had to happen eventually. I dated a boy in middle school named Pate who was really quiet. Most of our phone conversations were just listening to the other breathe. And I had to literally force him to hug me. I pick quality guys, y’all. But the main problem with us never talking was that I didn’t get very many affectionate comments. So one day we’re on the phone and he says “hi honey, you’re so beautiful” and I’m flabbergasted. So I practically yell “THANK YOU!” and he responds with this really awkward silence, and informs me he wasn’t talking to me, he was talking to his cow. HIS COW.
First Kiss
My first kiss was Mitch, and it was awkward like I’m assuming all first kisses are. But the most embarrassing part was after. I was fourteen, so by then most of my friends had already been kissed. I was really excited to text my sister, but in my excitement I accidentally texted Mitch “I GOT MY FIRST KISS!”, and no, he didn’t know before that. He still doesn’t let me live that one down.
First Love
I don’t know if I’ve ever really had a major, end all be all love, because I assume I’d still be with them. But my first real boyfriend is the first guy I think I definitely had strong love-related feelings for. His name was Sajir and we started dating my sophomore year of high school. We seriously had the roughest relationship possible, but somehow we stuck it out for a year or so. He’s still really supportive and a good friend of mine. And the older I get, the more those relationships seem like the best. Even after all the crap we put each other through, we can still care about each other as friends and cheer the other one on.And then he makes fun of my Spanish, but whatever.

Happy Valentines Day!


GingerPeachT said...

Haha cute post

I loved the cow story. Lame to love your cow. But pretty funny to think back now. :-)

I don't have many firsts. But I married my first love so I was happy with that. :-)

Nichole said...

This was an awesome post! How funny. I had some awkward bf's until I met my husband, myself. Though nothing as crazy as the cow story. Ha!!

Alana Christine said...

Where do I begin...
These guys' names KILL me.
I like the vomit picture. So romantic!
I bet you still resent cows.

La Mode by Marianne said...

Ahhh yes past relationships, they can be horrifying/hilarious.

Do you think the cowboy and the cow's relationship is still going strong?? Lol.

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Anna Elizabeth said...

Haha awesome stories =) Hope you're having a good Valentines Day, boy or no boy!

Pearl said...

Cute post. Love all the Firsts. So special.
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