1. First off, for everyone who emailed me asking. Yes, I had a good Valentine’s Day. No, I didn’t spend it with a boy. (I was supposed to, but that’s a different story) Instead I spent it getting Valentines from the sweetest kids ever, and video chatting my best friends.
2. For Spring Break, I’m going to Austin to visit one of my really good friends who is also newly single and loves retail therapy. And coffee.
3. I went out to lunch today with a friend, and he tried to make me dance with him in the middle of the restaurant. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. I’m pretty sure it looked like he was kidnapping me at one point.
4. Friday is my weekly lunch date with my ladies.
5. I find it really flattering when people ask me for shopping and beauty advice. Is that shallow?

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Alana Christine said...

bahahah. i would have died of embarrassment in the middle of the restaurant!