Awkward Awesome Thursday

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  • The first time you drive to someone’s house. I was supposed to be there at seven to watch some UFC fight thingy. I got there at almost eight because I was so late. On the plus side, I got a nice tour of every back country road possible.
  • Being told you’re too nurturing. And that your shoes make you look like a hooker.
  • Sending a video message to someone, and then getting a phone call and forgetting you’re being recorded. She definitely got to hear me blow off my Valentine. And it’s forever recorded.
  • Seeing the same person everyday on my drive home from work. I feel like a creep now, because I keep wanting to smile.
  • The frequency I eat fast food. The people at Taco Bell, Starbucks and TWO different McDonald’s all recognize me by voice now.
  • My bumper. It’s definitely on it’s way to bumper heaven. Sad smile
  • People who are funnier than me.


  • Mini-shoots.
  • Coffee.
  • Making plans to go see my favorite over Spring Break.
  • People who make me laugh. There is seriously nothing better.
  • My three day weekend that starts tomorrow night. HOLLLLA!
  • It’s finally semi-cold here. Which means I can dress semi-warm. And I’m in love with it. Almost as good as being back in Connecticut.


Sarah Stright said...

I'm totally wearing that SAME cardigan on my blog today. It's the coziest thing EVER.

Alana Christine said...

Oh I so wish I could hear/see that recording!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

I am LOVING that oversized cardigan- it's so cute!!

Crissy said...

I LOVE this photo (http://lh3.ggpht.com/-4LWtD1rD_oo/Tz1OKKI1B0I/AAAAAAAACJA/fKlA7Cfhb40/s1600-h/2007-11-23%252520001%252520010%25255B3%25255D.jpg) !!

bonbon said...

Loving your style! The stripes are SUPER flattering on you! And I totally know the feeling of showing up an hour late to someone's hosue after being lost driving... it's especially bad when you were late anyway!

new follower :)

My blog is comparable in size to yours I was wondering if you would be interested in swapping ads? Please email me if you're interested!


Jess said...

Love that outfit! That dress is SO cute! and the hat. and tights. and cardigan. overall win.

Where is that dress from if you don't mind me asking? I've been looking for a striped dress like that!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

coffee and laughter is the best ever! So happy I found your blog :)

PS- I have your sweater- I am obsessed! Love the stripes with it! Now I just need to find a similar dress!

Hope you have a wonderful week!