I need to stop instagramming my face so much…


And I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL all weekend. My social life called, and I answered. But now I have fun stories for tomorrow. Sacrifice was worth it, yeah?Winking smile



1. Early morning studying/test taking in my favorite library cubicle.

2. New dress to celebrate a year of growing up.

3. First Valentine’s day single since high school. Successful.

4. One of my first big photo shoots. Posted to coincide with my big news.

5. My valentine’s day present to myself.

6. Seriously my new favorite sweater. (Obviously, it’s on here five times)

7. Red lips. WHY AM I SO PALE?

8. Outfits.

9. Picture from a sweet kid.

10. The most insane Computer Programming class ever. We learned about nuerons and spaghetti.

11. Flower I drew for Yahaira because I was so bored in class.

12. Forcing my cats to cuddle with me in my blanket of a sweater.


Alana Christine said...

I think I know the big news...?
Why are you in a computer programming class anyways?

bobbi said...

That sweater is killer! And happy birthday (I think?) and Valentine's Day! And you're not terribly pale, you're actually pretty gorgeous! :D

Stopped by from Jenni, lovely post!

Gentri said...

LOVE that sweater, I am dying to hear this big news, you are gorgeous and look like snow white (don't worry about your pale skin!), and why aren't we instagram friends?! My username is gentrilee!

Bree said...

Whenever I get a new sweater, I typically wear it to no end, too. If I'm hanging at home, you can bet I have a sweater and/or a housecoat on!

Anna Elizabeth said...

Big news?! =)

Sue said...

haha I loved the title of this post. I probably instagram my face too much, along with my whole life!

KnittedFox said...

Nah, I don't think you need to stop IGing your face~ it's super cute/happy/pretty/etc. *^__^*

toytulip said...

Your blog looks like a lot of fun! I am glad I discovered it! :D