I don’t need a stinkin’ man, and I have the receipts to prove it.

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Tonight I decided to go see a friend. So I did. And as I was leaving out of his dumb drive way, I hit the curb and ripped my entire front bumper off on the drivers side. I  didn’t notice until I was down the road and heard a dragging noise that I had also ripped off part of my undercarriage. So I did what every single, twenty year old girl would do when she’s in a random town she doesn’t know, and has car trouble. I cried and called my dad.
He offered to meet at Wal-Mart to help me, but at that point it was 11:40 and I felt bad. So I went in by myself and bought some rope. And tried to figure out if a woman was alive, because she was passed out with her purchases in a little handicap cart thing. But she was alive, so I kept going.
Until I got to a gas station and realized I had no way to cut the rope and tie it on the undercarriage to hold it up. I tried a wrench I had found in my car, my keys and even just ripping it. Nothing. And at this point it’s almost midnight, I’m so stressed out and I have no idea who to call to save me. So I say a little prayer, and keep moving down the road.
Finally there’s a CVS, and even though I had to pay $6 for a pair of safety scissors, it cut the dang rope. And I was able to go outside and crawl around the parking lot in my jeggings fixing my car. By myself, with no help from ANYONE. And I added a bow.
I can’t even begin to explain how great it feels to know that I can take care of myself whatever problem is thrown at me. Because even though it cost me three stops, $10, a ton of gas, and some major stress crying, I survived. I took care of myself. And I didn’t try to rely on a guy to fix it for me.

Plus, Sarah sent me some gorgeous stuff she knitted for me, including that headband. And it is near impossible to be bummed when you have something that pretty looking at you.


Brit said...

Good job!! Car trouble alone is THE WORST.

Georgina Si said...

This is definitely one of the BESTfeelings and no one can ever take it away from you! I'm sorry you went through all of that but it makes a good story and you handled it all, well done!

Alana Christine said...

I'm sorry girl : (
Next week has got to be better for both of us!
I'm glad you were able to fix it yourself, though!

La Mode by Marianne said...

Good work! Its the best feeling to do something like that all by yourself.

P.S. This is random but if you haven't heard it already, you should listen to "Shake it Out" by Florence and the Machine. It's great.

Justin said...

Hahaha. This is funny!

While I'm not sure how you missed the sound of the bumper being ripped from your car, I think it's a great thing that you realized you can do things on your own. Yay, doing things!

P.S. While getting on the freeway (you know, on the curvy, u-turn-like on-ramps), I glanced down for a second, and accidentally ran into the curb. My car just about rolled, and my front axle is really mad at me right now.

P.P.S. I realized that there really isn't a moral to that story, but I thought it would make you feel better that both of our cars need to go to the doctor's.

Victoria said...


KnittedFox said...

*high five!* Great job!!