Sometimes I feel like, somebody’s watching me.

And then I realize it’s just me taking way too many pictures of myself. I just get bored, y’all.

In this week I;
  • went a little overboard on my accessories
  • watched my little brother do incredible in his musical
  • wore an outfit that apparently earned me some MAJOR third grade swag
  • Became the Oprah to Alana’s Dr.Phil
  • Let coffee influence me to make impulsive decisions
  • Turned my room into a science lab
  • Drove around campus and just took it in
  • Admired the sunset
  • Got a super sweet care package
  • Fixed my car, and was an independent woman HOLLLLA
  • Realized that I like 8ams solely because it’s quiet and peaceful that early in the morning
  • Took a picture of my face
  • Got to wear my new favorite dress
  • Figured out what I want and who I am
  • Didn’t straighten my hair once
  • Applied mission impossible to my computer programming notes
  • turned into a five year old


Alana Christine said...


Love the new dress!!
And that text message...can I have that, too?
bahahahahaha. I'm rolling laughing about our picture. We're so cute! hehehehe

KnittedFox said...

Hehe, all of those things sound like fun. It's great not taking life too seriously so you can enjoy it to the fullest extent like it sounds like you are doing. :D:D:D:D

Crissy said...

Love the pictures! :D

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

You. are. gorgeous.

The end. :)

bailey k. said...

you are too funny. and i love your photos! so fun.

i'm starting a new instagram link party on my blog, and i'd love for you to help me get it started!


thanks and i love your blog!