Tonight, we are young.



1 &2.  As much as I whine about having class at 8am, I love the peacefulness first thing in the morning. I take a back road that goes through the country so I don’t have to mess with rush hour, and it’s gorgeous. No other cars, just me, my morning show, and the sun rise.

3. You know those moments where everything in your life aligns and you just feel so at peace and happy? That’s me lately, and I love it. Everything is moving where it’s supposed to, and I’m just going with the flow.

4. I carry Twilight around like a baby a lot, because she’s the closest thing I have. Sometimes she loves it and cuddles up to me, and other times, like here where she wants to be playing outside, I get the stink eye. And I just laugh at her. I’m a good fake parent.

5. Letting my not-so-little little brother drive my car. He’s getting so grown up. It’s sad! And making me feel old.

6. Waffle House with one my best friends ever. We can talk more about this tomorrow, because it was the funniest nights I’ve had in awhile. Just know that when we ended up counting how many people we rejected, we were up to nine.


La Mode by Marianne said...

I love that "we are young" song.

And now I'm seriously craving some waffle house lol.

Nikki said...

I'm obsessed with the fun. We are Young song in your title! I love that it is featured in the Chevy commercial - I do a little dance whenever it comes on TV :)

Gentri said...

haha! Love your baby cat. :)