I’d like to preface this with the following disclaimer.  I know that some of this may make me seem like a man-eating biatch but I’m not. I’m really not.


This is one of my best friends ever, Chanelle. Or NellBell. We were in choir together in high school and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. Every single time we hang out we end up doing something really stupid, that you look back on and wonder why you ever thought that was a good idea. My defense is that we’re 18 and 20, so we’re allowed to be young and stupid. But we’ve gone to night clubs in the ghetto (where we learned that making the bouncer your best friend saves you from some really creepy guys), tagged cars and decorated yards (but always draw nice things, even if the girl stole your best friend’s boyfriend and that way you can claim no malicious intent) and searched for people on random college campus’, just because we found their number in Chanelle’s notebooks. (I have no advice for this, just be safe)

But, I think in the five years we’ve been friends, every time we have nights where we go out and see what trouble we can get in, I’ve been in a relationship, which kinda limits what we can do. So this was her first time to hang out with me single. And we HAD to take advantage of it.

So Saturday night, that boy I mentioned a few weeks ago who blew me off to get high was in town and wanted to hang out. But he was “going to a friends house” before he wanted to hang out, which I assumed meant that he would be partaking again, so I made plans with Nell. And then he called me mad because he thought I was blowing him off to be with her. So Nell and I hatched a plan that she was my brother’s future wife and I was baby sitting her. And BOTH went to go to dinner with him. My poor brother got texts from her all night that were like “Hey baby, just wanted to let you know I love you. XOXO” and was beyond confused when I got home, since they’re just really good friends. But, he bought it and I got out of an awkward blow off. And we made him walk in a straight line in front of a liquor store to prove he was sober. He passed.

After we dropped him off, we decided to meet two other guys at Waffle House. And no, contrary to popular Facebook opinion I was NOT drunk. The menu was right side up on my side, thank you. Anyway, I only knew this guy through mutual friends. So he shows up with his cousin, which was when things got really odd. First his cousin proposed to Chanelle, and assured her he could pay for the whole wedding. Then he invited us over and when we declined threw in “but we have a cool pool table! Actually we don’t, we sold it but it was still cool!” Then, when it was brought up that I like owls he made sure to throw in that the guy I knew through mutual friends was PRACTICALLY an owl because he’s smart and can spin his head all the way around. They had been playing beer pong before they came, so I’m pretty sure that was a factor in this. They followed up us leaving with “hit me up on Facebook!”

So then it’s 11:30 and we decide that there haven’t been enough adventures yet. So we go to a party of someone we both knew in high school, but show up and it’s literally all guys. And if you haven’t ever been the only two girls at a party of all guys, go do it. You find out so much about how the male mind works and how much they really share about their personal lives. You think he’s keeping all your texts secret? No. He’s telling all his buddies. But they are all hilarious, and have the kind of sarcastic, insulting banter that cracks both NellBell and I up. So we fit right in.

1:30 we leave because I want Taco Bell. Big surprise. I live for cheap Mexican food. As we pull up to a red light, we get waved at and I’m told to roll my window down. So I do and a car full of guys invite us to da club with them. So my quick thinking brain announces Chanelle has a curfew and I have to get her home ASAP and they really quickly sped off. Apparently when guys think you’re hanging out with an underage girl, that gets rid of them. You’re welcome for that genius tip.

Sunday was spent in bed recovering from all the adventures and doing a five hour lab performing dialysis on a potato. But. I’m only young once, right?


Alissa said...

Great post! My best friend and I hang out with all guys, all the time. I LOVE it and it also means I rarely have to pay for a drink - can't complain!

Sue said...

This sounds like a typical night out with my girlfriends :)

Gentri said...

Oh my goodness. Craziness! hahaha! Too funny. :)

Summer-Raye said...

AHH! What a fun weekend. I love that you spend your sundays recovering like me. :)

Courtney B said...

Hahaha! I have a friend like this and we used to always do stuff like this before I met my hubs :)
Seriously though... the guy proposed after knowing her for like 5 minutes? Haha!