Awkward and Awesome Thursday

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  • Going to meet my friends at the library to study. Get on a floor and see no one I know. Start asking if anyone knows where I am. Turns out I’m on the wrong floor. Oh, okay.
  • The possum I saw on campus CHASING a girl. Those things are terrifying.
  • Going to the mall to buy a dress. And it not being there. We looked on literally every rack.
  • Driving on a serious lack of sleep.
  • “Hey, come visit me. But know that you’d be spending most of your time alone because I’m busy” Uh. Why bother asking me to come then?
  • The large pile of clothes sitting on my bed. I need to clean, bad.


  • I survived a whole week. And I’m one week stronger. And over last weeks turmoil.
  • GCB. My new addiction. I ain’t even ashamed to admit it.
  • Last minute sleep overs with my best friend. And late night adventures.
  • Finding out that my other best friend that lives three hours away is coming back to town for my pageant.
  • Having two shoots and a pageant this next week. SO excited to get back into my thing. I missed that part of my life.


Michelle P said...

I went to the school library for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago. Which I can honestly say is really bad considering I'm in an MBA program and have NEVER stepped a foot into a college library.

I was completely confused. And I probably looked like an idiot.

Alana Christine said...

Woot woot! So excited for the pageant!

Gentri said...

I can't wait to start hearing all about your pageant adventures. :) And being chased by a possum? I'd be scared too! haha!

Alissa said...

Good luck with the pageant! And stay strong :)