RESPECT, find out what it means to me.

We talked about dumb boys yesterday. And this inspired a really long talk about relationships with one of my friends, which led to these thought about the lack of value we sometimes put on ourselves.
You have to respect yourself so that everyone else will respect you.
If you don’t think you’re great, then people aren’t going to treat you great.
So like, think of it this way. You see this incredible Chanel handbag, you’re lusting over it. For fun, you go see how much it would cost. And it’s only $20. So of course you’re going to buy it, all the other Chanel bags are ten times that. But because you paid less, you aren’t going to treat it as preciously as you would that really expensive one.
It’s the same with dating. YOU are an incredible Chanel handbag, and they’re lusting over you. Then when you sit there and put yourself down, or play down your achievements, you stop believing you’re that incredible designer bag. All of a sudden you’re acting like a knock off, and they can get you for cheap, throw some crap in you and then toss you when a better one comes along.
Or you can remind yourself you’re this gorgeous bag .
And you can act like you’re worth as much as you really are.
Make him work and save up for you. Then treasure you and treat you like gold.Don’t be the designer bag on sale.

So my challenge for everyone today is to name four things about YOU that makes you a catch and awesome. And then remember those. Because I said so, and I’m making myself the boss today. I can do that. I have power around here. Winking smile
It may feel awkward to brag about yourself. I know, I know. I think females have a tendency to fear coming across as narcissistic. But you’re not, you’re just being up front with how freakin’ awesome you. And trust me. You are.
Here are mine. Leave me a comment or a link to yours, so I can see what everyone loves about themselves today!
  1. I have a good sense of humor.
  2. I try to find the good in everyone and everything.
  3. I get along with pretty much everyone.
  4. I’m good at not looking like a complete idiot in pictures. Which is a MAJOR skill.


Anonymous said...

You are so right! You have to respect yourself before anyone else will respect you! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!

Taryn said...
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Alana Christine said...

Great analogy!! haha. Although, I prefer Coach...

Emily said...

I really love this post! My mom always used to tell me this when I was growing up, but it seems like something you just have to learn for yourself. Kudos to you for doing it!

Emily said...
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Taryn said...

1. I'm intelligent,
2. I'm kind of hilarious.
3. I'm loyal, and I help out my friends and loved ones whenever and however I can.
4. I don't ever allow myself to get discouraged, even when awful things happen.