Vacation’s all I ever wanted.



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Okay, so you know how most college kids go out and spend spring break trashed? That’s not me at all. I’m not a partier, and I don’t drink. But this was my first spring break as a single lady so I had to take full advantage of it. Which mainly consisted of me hanging out with the boy who’s stationed in Cuba, then getting my heart smashed and then me having tons of girl time to make up for it. And as awful as this sounds, our break up came at the perfect time, because all of a sudden all of my really close friends are single. And when a boy breaks your heart, it’s a lot more fun to deal with and get over when your partners in crime aren’t sitting there gushing about how in love they are. And since I know I’ll get asked what happened, basically we were dating for a couple weeks and then he just went AWOL out of nowhere. I don’t know why, and frankly the two days of being bummed was all the thought I want to give to it. I just have better things to do, and cuter boys to flirt with than sit here and wonder.

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It also helped that I realized that I could just be a crazy cat lady. And yes, I legitimately emailed this.


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Instead, I took full advantage of being newly (again) single, and left town. Becca lives in Austin, so Thursday I went with her to get bangs, then fall in love with Austin college life. Everything down there is so eclectic and fast paced, but so chill. Easily one of my favorite cities. We went to SXSW to see the Shins, went antiquing (where we found that beautiful framed 3D uterus, that had sadly already been purchased), Buffalo Exchange (where a nice guy tried to teach me how to look hot for Becca), ate at my first food truck and then played on her blog. And I may have accidently converted to Kabbalah without realizing…

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Saturday I did a pageant training session with one of the sweetest girls ever. We met through pageants, and both go to the same school. And ended up in the same psychology class, so she’s been helping coach me since she’s a pro. (like. 7th at state last year pro)I am so excited for this one. I’m not expecting much since it’s been a year or so since I competed, but I feel so much more prepared this year. So in 13 days, we will see the fruits of my labor pay off.

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Chanelle and I have a tendency to not choose the best options. Like going to a Battle of the Bands in the ghetto, or going to Waffle House with people who ended up being literally insane. So for our last big adventure of Spring Break we went to go see a community theater musical and then go to one of my friend’s houses and watch the most awkward love triangle ever. Seriously, real time reality TV unfolded in front of us. I’m still not even sure how it ended up, or who ended up winning. We finally just got up and walked out.

And now, all I want is a huge cup of coffee and another week off just so I can recover for this one.


Alana Christine said...

Sounds like an interesting/fun break! lol

Alissa said...

Amazing pictures :)

Being young and single, with single girlfriends, is a great thing. ENJOY IT!

La Mode by Marianne said...

Ahh you saw the SHINS?! Love them! :)