Grown up ponderings

It’s really weird to get on Facebook and see people I went to high school with have a big life event happen. Everyone seems to be getting married and having babies, and it’s just weird. That could so easily be my life, if I had made a few different choices.

If I had stayed with my high school sweetheart, I would have a ring on my finger right now. If I had gone and hung out with someone else instead of him, would I be sitting here right now? Or would I be living a whole different life.

And then, after I’ve thought and pondered about all my past decisions, and how they’ve lead me right here, I realize that there is absolutely no other place I’d rather be then in this very moment, with all the boys who have what ifs and potential floating around their head, while I figure out what I want to have when I grow up.


Besides, half the fun in getting to the destination is the journey you take there, right?


Rebecca said...

I was one of those people - married by sophomore year in college, pregnant when I graduated. Take your time. There are great things about those big life events, but honestly, college itself is a big life event - enjoy it!

Alana Christine said...

While everyone else we know gets married and has kids, we just get more awesome!

Becca said...

I've found it's important to enjoy each moment as we are given them. We can't live in the past, nor in the future. Gotta appreciate the today. :)

KnittedFox said...

I hear ya! A lot of gals my age are on their second, third, or even forth baby, and I have yet to have one. It's just crazy.

There is nothing about my life that I would change at this moment. I am where I am right now for a reason- it's where I'm meant to be. It's very comforting. *^_^*

Alissa said...

I'll be 26 this year and I still don't feel the need to settle down, get married, or have children. When it's time, I will...but for now, I'm just enjoying each day :)

Kodi said...

I've been thinking this a lot lately. Everyone I know is having babies, but I have realized the choices I have made led me to the life I'm living right now. I couldn't be happier:)