Instagram Sunday


  • Celebrating my brother’s birthday by spamming his FB with pictures.
  • Campus picnics.
  • Layers because it’s freezing right now.
  • Being so busy I had to set a timer on my phone to eat.
  • The ultimate cuddle buddy.
  • The ultimate man.
  • Astro-Anna
  • Elevator rides.
  • Girly time with my best friend.
  • Lunch with my best friend and her mama.
  • And pretty rings from Forever 21.


Georgina Si said...

Those rings are gorgeous, love the photos :)

Taryn said...

I don't know if you do these kinds of tag posts, but I choose you to complete the Eleven Random Things Tag: http://kathrynrosexo.blogspot.com/2012/03/eleven-random-things-tag.html

Breanna Hohenstein said...

Looks like a great week in photos :) Love your outfit in the 3rd picture!

Anonymous said...

The ring is precious! Love all of these pictures!! :) Have a great week!

Alissa said...

I love that ring! Hope you had a wonderulf weekend ;)