P.S. I’m still alive

Spring Break for me is like a giant nine day weekend. So I’m still going. But I can practically hear the fear that I’m dead coming from bloggy land, so I’m back to reassure the world. I’m still alive. And I can’t believe I only have five days left.


Saturday was spent with my best friend in the entire Universe, getting our nails done, shopping, bonding with her poor attention-deprived cat and eating lunch with her mommy. She lives three hours away and works constantly so we don’t get a lot of face to face time together so when we do it turns into a marathon. She’s honestly one of those friends that you can see once every six months, and pick up with like nothing has ever changed.


Sunday Chanelle and I went to lunch at a place that had a taco plate named after me. Then we went to go hang out with the cute boy from Cuba, which will have to be a whole new post in it’s own time.


Monday Becca and I had girls night out. We went to Chuy’s, caught up on everything and planned out our trip for this weekend to Austin. Then wandered around downtown Fort Worth, which is one of the most gorgeous places ever if you’ve never been.

And now, I’m going to go tackle my closet, because I haven’t slept at my own house since Saturday night, and my bed looks like I dumped every piece of clothing I own out on it trying to find outfits to wear. I need a shopping intervention, for real.


Alissa said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your spring break! Can't wait to hear all about that lucky guy ;)

Alissa said...
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Kodi said...

Me and my best friend are the same way. I don't have to talk to her for 2 weeks and we're still besties.

The best, truest friendships work that way in my opinion:)

La Mode by Marianne said...

I have a best friend like that, and those are the best kind :)

...have an awesome Spring Break!

Anonymous said...

My best friend from high school and I don't get to talk much at all. Like every month or so because we are both too busy to even pee! But nothing changes between us! I guess that's what being best friends since 3rd grade does! :)

Magical Day Dream said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I wish I had a spring break too.. :)