• Monday mornings, set up in the University Hall lounge studying and watching post-party clean ups.
  • Proof I spent too much of my life driving down to Lake Worth, but at least I got a gorgeous sunset view out of it.
  • The sweater that’s taken over my wardrobe.
  • Gorging on Taco Bell before we did our Black History Dance with the children.
  • Cleaned out my car, and was amazed at the amount of shoes I stuffed in there.
  • The day I dressed for work in Italy. I checked the weather on my phone and it said it was 40 degrees, so I wore a sweater. Got to work and checked again, realized my phone was telling me what the weather in Italy was. Fail.
  • True words. Inspiring words. Live by words.
  • Hair modeling AND new glasses. SUPWinking smile


Lauren Vaughan said...

i am so glad i'm not the only girl who buys a piece of clothing, then wants to wear it EVERY DAY!! you make me feel so much better about myself, haha.


Ashley said...

Love those new glasses! And I can totally relate to clothes taking over wardrobes... I find something I love and then I try to fit it in to every outfit!

Alana Christine said...

Well, when in Rome... : )

Priya Krish said...

Lol...thats a sweet way to blog about the daily activities!

Gentri said...

Did i miss your post about the glasses you chose? Which did you go with? THey're super cute!!

Breanna Hohenstein said...

I absolutely love the sweater in the 3rd picture!!!

Jess said...

adorable glasses & sweater. also, my car looks like your before photo. eek.

Jess said...

adorable glasses & sweater. also, my car looks like your before photo. eek.

Cami said...

hair modeling...fun!