Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Yesterday I walked by two guys on my way to a bench outside my class, and one of them stopped me and said “Hey, are you an English major?” and I explained my major was psych. So then he follows up with “Then why are you in there?” and points vaguely down the hall. I had just left the restroom so I assumed that’s what he meant and asked. He meant his English class, and I looked like the crazy girl who associates majors with bathroom practices.
  • Walking into a door hard yesterday.
  • My room is a mess. Less awkward, more sad.
  • Keeping a food diary and realizing how much I eat out, and how much junk food I eat.
  • Seeing people you know but don’t really get along with out in public. Especially when you’re with someone who’s friends with them.


  • Constantly getting texts referring to me by my title instead of my name.
  • Supportive friends
  • Freaking out last Sunday thinking I was going to have to turn in my bio lab late, only to find out there wasn’t one due last week.
  • Four day work week!


Alissa said...

Whenever I see someone that I know, but don't really like, I do a quick wave and jolt in the opposite direction.

That way, I (kind of) say hello, but it looks like I'm doing something really important and don't have time to chat.

Or I just ignore them entirely.

I participated in my first Awkward and Awesome Thursday today - you inspired me!

Victoria said...

hello Miss beauty queen :)

I feel you on the whole my room is a mess thing..... ugh it sucks. Im tempted to post a picture of how bad it is on my blog, just so I can clean it and post an after, I will be soooo embarrassed. Your story about that guy... hilarious.

Alana Christine said...

I eat so much junk food, it's not even funny!

Amber said...

Hey! I'm a psych major too :)

Food diaries will do that~ it's kinda scary when you first start and go to plug in your snack/calories and are like, whoa! No thank you! I should really get back into that... ha!

Supportive friends ARE THE BEST! :) If I ever see anyone I don't like I just ignore em as best as possible. Luckily I've never been in the position where I see someone I don't really get along with while out with someone who's there friend.. That would be super awkward..

Georgina Si said...

I had a somewhat unhealthy lunch and felt a bit guilty, but I only allow myself to for a short while.

Life is far too short :)

modern Suburbanites said...

you are too adorable, great post. :)