She moves her body like a cyclone

Or she just drives through them. You know, whatever.

If you haven’t turned on the news lately, North Texas had quite a few tornadoes yesterday. When I left for work, the sirens were going off and it was pouring, but I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on so I left anyway. I got about ten minutes away from my house when I realized that the loud noise that was disrupting my private dance party was actually a tornado. So I stopped at Taco Bell for safety and comfort. And just for future reference, the drive thru is in fact open during a tornado.
So then I get about ten minutes away from work, and all of a sudden can’t see ANYTHING and my car starts spinning. And then it stopped and I went on my way. When I finally got to work, there was just lightening coming down, but no more tornados. The kids were on lockdown and no one was allowed out of the school. Finally it chilled and moved somewhere else.
But all in all, I’m safe, my friends and their families are safe and my school isn’t destroyed.
Also, I get how Dorothy felt in the Wizard of Oz. Angry at the tornado, tired from all the excitement, and lookin’ somewhat tan.

…..Is that not what y’all got out of the movie?


Alissa said...

Glad to hear that you're okay!

There was a tornado here in NY when I was in middle school. My mother insisted we went bathing suit shopping during it.

I'm not sure if I looked tan after it, but I did have a bathing suit.

Amber said...

OMG!!! Scary!!!! Your car was spinning?!?! Like you spun out but luckily regained control?!

The way you write cracks me up. I love the blog title and first sentence reference to the song LOL and how you said you now get how Dorothy felt in the Wizard of Oz ;) haha

Glad you're safe & sound!! Listen up for those sirens!

Michelle said...

HOLY cow! I would have panicked!! We've had several tornadoes in Ohio that have touched down several miles away. I know how scary they are!

Michelle (michabella) said...

ummmmm SCARY!!!!!!! Glad all are okay <3

Michelle P said...

Glad you're ok!

Georgina Si said...

How frightening! I'm glad you made it there safely, the people in North Texas are in our thoughts! xo

Gentri said...

Oh my goodness! I am so so glad you are ok!! No more of that, ok?!