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Since my big news yesterday, I’ve gotten some questions about what happens now and how this whole pageant business works. So let’s break it down.

First off, there are different circuits. Those are the different “brands” of pageants, such as Miss America, Miss USA, National American Miss, etc.

Right now my circuit is the Miss America organization, so that’s what we’re going to talk about. I’ve done National American Miss, and that’s how I actually got started in pageants.

You start with locals. Those are the titles that represent cities, such as your hometown. That’s what I am right now, a local title holder.

Once a year all the local titleholders that won in the last year go to state and compete for that title. I compete for the title of Miss Texas at the beginning of July.

Whoever wins Miss Texas will go on to Miss America and compete for that. Then once Miss America is crowned, the journey is over. I can compete at Miss Texas until I’m no longer eligible in the America system (I can’t be older than 23 by the Miss America pageant every January) UNLESS I win. Once you win a state title, that’s it. You go compete at Miss America, and then you’re done.

As far as competition goes, you go to interview in the morning, where you stand in front of a panel of judges and they ask you whatever they want for 9 and a half minutes. Then later on you do the onstage competition which is evening gown, swimsuit, talent and on stage question. Each phase is weighted differently. The judges rate you on a scale of one to ten, and then at the end of the pageant they turn in their scores. All the scores are averaged, and they throw out the highest and lowest scores. Then the girl with the highest score is crowned Queen.

As far as benefits go, it opens a lot of doors. It really is a sisterhood of girls that go out of their way to help you, support you and unconditionally love you. The girls I’ve met competing are the ones I study with, hang out with and train with. You win scholarships and life skills.It really is based on so much more than being pretty.

I’m not sure what else everyone wants to know, so if you have more questions let me know and we’ll hit those up later on this week. But for now, look at more pictures from Saturday.

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GingerPeachT said...

It really does look like a lot of work but fun!! So was your talent singing? What did you sing? Is that the most common talent? What's the weirdest talent you've seen? Lol