Awkward and Awesome Thursday



P.S. This week’s column is up here!


  • When someone posts a Facebook status that’s about you and your accomplishments and how it “irks” them. Especially when it’s someone who at point you were close to, and had cheered you on/encouraged you to pursue those goals that you then accomplished. We’re in our twenties now, we don’t have to be quite so passive aggressive. (Said as I blog about it instead of talking to them)
  • Getting on to a kid for calling his friend a “dumb catfish” while trying to keep a straight face. The kid I caught stomping on eggs in a fallen bird’s nest and then killing lady bugs who then said “It’s okay to kill them Miss Anna, there are a hundred thousand of them!” Uhhhh…
  • Tonight was the NFL draft. I went to dinner with a guy friend, then to watch it with him. And ended up crying because I could see all the love and pride in the mothers faces. WHO CRIES AT THE NFL DRAFT?
  • Waking up late, getting in your car, and realizing you’re on empty.
  • Accidentally jamming the copier at work in four different places. SOMEONE snuck stapled packets into my stack of plain paper, and I accidentally fed those into the copy paper tray.


  • Friends who aren’t afraid to give you tough love.
  • My incredible director who’s not only been networking like crazy to help me get sponsors, but is letting me guest post on her blog next week to talk about my platform.
  • Next week is dead week. Also, today was the first day all semester I’ve been late to class. BAM.
  • The chocolate cake my LSP’s mom made me.
  • Realizing it’s okay for me to have a backbone and ask for what I want. Or move people out of my life because they aren’t positive.
  • One of my kids telling me “Miss Anna, in first grade all the cool kids draw owls on their papers to be like you now!” Teaching a love of owls, one grade at a time.
  • “Why do they call you Miss McKinney? You should be Miss McSkinny because you’re tiny” And they were being serious.
  • My Spanish lately. Yesterday in class I did the entire workbook page correctly without even thinking. Today I carried on an entire conversation with the bilingual kinder who is the lone baby in a class of big first graders.
  • Girls nights.


Illegally Blonde said...

Heart you sweet girl or shall I say Miss McSkinney!

Alana Christine said...

I HATE waking up to an empty gas tank!!
Remind me to never let you make copies...