The thing about settling

When you are tempted to settle for less than you deserve, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE

That popped up on Twitter today, at the exact moment I needed to hear it. The thing about reaching your dreams, and striving yourself to push further is that there’s that moment where you think “What if I really don’t deserve this?” and all that motivation is gone. You’re okay with just taking what you have available. In all aspects. So I read it, and started thinking. About how I deserve more. I deserve to not give up and to not settle. In all aspects. About who I am.

(official headshots, by Stefanie Straub photography)

I am the one who wears her heart on her sleeve, the closet hopeless romantic, who still believes in true love and a prince who will come.

I am the one who keeps the promises she made to herself in second grade to never, ever give up on her dreams.

I am the one who spends more time making sure everyone else is satisfied, happy and taken care of. The nurturer.

I am the one who climbs metaphorical mountains and lives to tell about it. Then climbs the next one without even blinking.

I am the one who gets lost when she tries to use her GPS, but can go on adventures with no navigation device and always know where she’s going.

I am the dreamer, the one with her head in the clouds, always imagining how I want things to unfold.

I am the one who refuses to accept anything less than the best. The perfectionist.

I am the one who values a compliment on intelligence over a compliment on physical appearance.

I am the one who has been aiming higher than anyone believed was feasible since birth.

I am the one who never seems to really let go of the important stuff.

I am the one who learns through experience. Who’d rather get out there and get hurt then never play at all.

I am the one who achieves goals and dreams. Who conquers trials.

I am the care taker, the advice giver, the one full of unconditional love, even for those who probably don’t deserve it.


And that makes me a catch. That makes me a keeper. That makes me something. That makes me not meant to settle.


Alana Christine said...

Gorgeous!! You are 100% a keeper! Miss you : (

Janna Bogert said...

I love you EXACTLY the way you are and am SO proud of you! I mean c'mon, would we be blog besties if we weren't so awesome?? Hehe.

Illegally Blonde said...

So proud of you and your belief in your self. You inspire me and I am proud to call you my girl!