Awkward and Awesome



  • Earlier in the week I had to go to FedEx to pick up some autograph cards. They were a little dark, so she told me to come look at her computer screen and see if I liked it better when she lightened the colors. So obviously, I followed her BEHIND the counter. And then went back around the counter when I realized what she actually meant.
  • That pageant dark spray I got two weeks ago finally started wearing off. In really awkward patterns  that have created several equally awkward “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOUR BODY!?” conversations. Especially today, since I just got a new one done.
  • One of my best friends is terrified of needles, but needs to get the meningitis shot for school so yesterday I drove her to the pharmacy to get it. She asks if they have it and the pharmacist says he’s going to go check and see if they have “any meningitis” in the back. Then he comes back and tells her how much it is. Which was a lot for a shot you just need to live in college. She yells “ARE YOU JOKING WITH ME?!” to which he looks her in the eye and says “Meningitis is nothing to joke about” That’s when I come in and drag her out of there before she makes any more awkward exclamations.
  • For Spanish we have to write these essays every two weeks in response to prompts my professor puts on the Spanish blog. We can’t use study aids, but we can use the book. Some people used the book but got a word that she didn’t like and mark as “dishonest aid” so a big fight broke out in class between those five people and my teacher. Followed by three more fights with three of those five and a girl who elected herself as teacher’s defender. It’s just a class. Chill out.


  • Boys who cook you dinner, serve you dinner and then clean up from dinner. All without you asking, and with no specific reason.
  • Crystal Light Green tea with raspberry. I was seriously bummed when I found out getting healthy meant giving up sweet tea, and seriously excited when I realized that this existed.
  • My first fashion column has been published!

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Alana Christine said...

I would have reacted similarly to paying for the shot. lol
Congrats on the article!! Awesome!