Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Desperate Housewives is officially over, and my Sunday nights got a whole lot lonelier. I definitely cried. What am I supposed to do without my Westeria Lane fix?
  • Talking to a kid this week, and trying to explain to him what awkward was in Spanish. Only saying pregnant instead. Can we all just acknowledge that Spanish is not my strong suit?
  • Going to bed at eight last night. I felt like such a little kid, but I needed that ten hours of being absolutely dead to the world.
  • I cleaned my room last week. And searching for parts of my pageant wardrobe has turned my floor into my second closet. I guess that means it’s time to clean again.


  • All the awesome kids I got to meet these last three days. They are seriously the coolest kids, and had the sweetest personalities. Everyone was so helpful and eager to listen to what I had to say.
  • I have an actual honest to goodness, completely legit reason to go clothes shopping tomorrow. This never, ever happens.
  • Waking up to Twilight cuddling with a stuffed owl.
  • The really cool iPhone apps I found this week. Video Star to make your own music videos, and TimerCam to take self timed pictures on your iPhone. In love. It obviously doesn’t take much to win my heart over.

This weeks fashion article is also up. I’m talking about what to wear for graduation, so go read it, like it (through the LAFamily site), tweet it, whatever.


Alana Christine said...

I'm glad you're enjoying be a "Miss." You deserve every moment of glory you can get : )

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

I can't watch Desperate Housewives here but I will be watching the last season as soon as I can get ahold of it... So sad it's no more!!!


Illegally Blonde said...

I'd like to add to your awkward: your hands on your hips when you spoke.... but we can remedy that! So proud of you this week! (and every other week)