Awkward and Awesome Thursday



  • I slept until 2PM today. Which I guess isn’t THAT awkward but I feel so lazy. Twilight, on the other hand, loved all the extra cuddles she got.
  • Trying to find a job that can keep up with my Miss Texas prep schedule for the next month but will still help me pay for last minute expenses.
  • Went to the grocery store to buy some protein bars, and wandered down the shampoo aisle. Walked past a certain brand and heard a woman’s voice say “HEY COME OVER HERE” And it was a little speaker behind the shampoo bottle. Uhh…
  • I compete in thirty days, and I’m starting to get nervous. There’s still so much to buy and do.


  • People who come into your life and seem to fit seamlessly.
  • Getting almost all my wardrobe set up. And finding out I have semi abs. HOLLA!
  • Making up after fights.
  • Having a few days to myself to get all my ducks back in a row.


TheUnlostWanderer said...

I'm from Texas as well, it's cool that you're doing Miss Texas stuff! :]

Alana Christine said...

I would have DIED if a shampoo talked to me!! haha
Do I need to email you that list sent me...?

Courtney B said...

Sleeping in until 2 sounds just amazing right now!!