Linking up with the Bargain Blonde today to bring you my faves via my Instagram.

Favorite Coffee:

Godiva Hazlenut Crème. It tastes like heaven in a coffee mug. So so yummy.
Favorite accessories:

I love have tons of accessories to change outfits, so Forever 21 is my straight up go to.

Favorite thrifting memory:

Every time I see this I’m reminded of my crazy Austin trip with Becca, and finding this in the middle of Uncommon Goods.
Favorite Magazine:

Glamour. My copy still isn’t here, and I’m progressively getting more bummed as the days pass.
Favorite jacket:

From F21 as well. Yellow tag deal, holla!

1 comment:

Kodi said...

My Glamour Magazine took forever this month too! They need to step it up!

And I am a forever 21 earring junkie. I mean, who can tur down a $1 pair of earrings? Not me.