Creeping in my phone

I want to play a game, because Glamour inspired me. They’re starting a new series where they ask people to show them the last six pictures in their phone and explain them. Only I’m not a copycat, so I’ll show you the last ten. If you guys want to  play, too, let me know and we can make this a link up!

2012-07-25 001 081
1. Tatted up. E has a tattoo, and was trying to think of ideas for a new one (his only right now is latin and means something about Yield not to evil, but advance all the more boldly against it). Silly boy asked what he should get, and obviously I answered owl. He didn’t believe me that it would look good so I grabbed a sharpie and started drawing. Perfect ink, right?
2012-07-25 001 082
2. I’m not positive who this is, or how he found my twitter, but I get really excited when verified Twitters follow me. Is that weird?
2012-07-25 001 083
3. At the Miss Texas arrival ceremony with the McKinney girls and Miss Texas. Side note, my dress was nine dollars from Forever 21. And yes, nine dollas makes me holla, honey boo boo child. Winking smile
2012-07-25 001 086
4. Me and my brother at my very first state pageant (where I was twelve and looking a hot mess) and my most recent one, eight years later. I love making collages of pictures to see how much we’ve changed.
2012-07-25 001 087
5. I know this has been everywhere, but I really want to try it. Actually, I take that back. I really want to try it with a man’s shirt. I tried with one of my button downs and it did not work at all. I also want to know how in the world a girl can put on a man’s shirt and think, “Hey, this would be REALLY cute if I tied it into a strapless top.” Some girls get all the creativity.
2012-07-25 001 080
6. Keene got me owl band aids for a Miss Texas gift and I finally had a reason to use them.
2012-07-25 001 094
7. E and I at Miss Texas visitation. Boy sat through a two hour pageant, and dragged along one of his best friends, to get to see me after.
2012-07-25 001 075
8. My view until at least Tuesday. I got a contrast MRI last Tuesday, but they said I needed to come into the office for the results and can’t see me until Tuesday morning. They also said it ice it and stay off it. I’m kinda sick of my bed already.
2012-07-25 001 053
9. Stormy skies. Texas weather is kind of crazy. It’ll be 112 one day, and then 70 and raining the next. But with the craziness comes gorgeous scenery, so I’m not complaining too much. We were literally driving into the storm, behind us was bright, sunny, and blue skies.
2012-07-25 001 064
10. Date night with E, trying to hook one of his friends up with one of mine. And I’m almost positive it was successful, they both seemed pretty smitten. I’m a pro.

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