Best Of

I’ve been working hard on this revamp thing guys. I went through and cleaned up my posts, and also made a list of the most popular ones. So if you’re new to Owls and Lace, these are the ones to start with. If you’re not new, go read a random one and see if you learn something new!

What I want to get done before I turn 21

Pictures and stories from competing at Miss Texas

My Show and Tell

How to Use Polyvore

The time I decided to go to Taco Bell during a Tornado

Learning about respecting  yourself

How to Pose for Pictures

How to Find a Boyfriend

Leopard Nails

Confessions of Beauty Queen

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color Review

Fighting Off a Kidnapper

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Sarah Cherney said...

How fun reminiscing. *^_^* Also I love this idea for a post... mind if I copy you? (Copying is the highest form of flattery right?!) *^__________^*