Weekend wonders

I spent most of my weekend looking like this:

My leg just wasn’t feeling the whole walking thing, so I spent a lot of quality time on Pinterest and with the care package my mom prepared for me.

And just so everyone knows, I learned Raven Symone pays $11,000 a month for her apartment, wants Michelle Obama to officiate her wedding, and that Tom Cruise and feudings with John Travolta over who’s the most famous Scientologist. Good to know.

Finally E took pity on me and helped me hobble around a bit so I could see the outside world. We went to go help his best friend’s girlfriend move (which means he helped and I directed traffic) and out to eat at this really cute Mom and Pop’s restaurant near campus.



Hannah said...

How cute are you and the boy's matching glasses! Enjoy the forced down-time!

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Ahhh! Y'all are precious!!