Maybe she’s born with it

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know today we’re talking about make up. Because make up time is pretty much my favorite time of the day. There’s so much power and potential in each little tube to completely change the way you look. And I love it.

2012-07-31 001 114

Basically, this is how my process ends up unfolding. I start with my hair, I just blow dry it, then go through it with a round brush for some body, before I hit it with the flat iron.

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My hair dryer is a Chi, and my straightner is from Revlon. I LOVE my hair dryer, because it leaves my hair feeling a little bit softer and less damaged. But honestly, the real reason I have it is because I got it at a Prom After party, I don’t think I would’ve ever thought to splurge otherwise.

For make up, I put on my foundation, then take a darker foundation to contour, and a highlighter to highlight. It’s an extra step that I don’t do every day, but if I’m going somewhere I know pictures will be taken, I try to. It eliminates any “OMG this is my bad side'” problems. You can learn exactly where to contour here. I actually have that picture next to my make up mirror as a guide. Make sure you blend after you put it on, though. I tend to leave mine heavy then blend at the very end.

2012-07-31 001 0942012-07-31 001 0962012-07-31 001 0972012-07-31 001 0982012-07-31 001 099

After contouring, I go to eyes. For everyday I use a gold eyeshadow all the way over my eyelid, a dark brown in my crease and then a shimmery white over the tear duct. I always wear black eyeliner, and right now my mascara is green, but typically I wear black.

2012-07-31 001 101

For blush and bronzer, I do it kinda weird. I put my bronzer over where ever I used to dark foundation to contour, then blush goes on in big circles right under my cheek bones. I use a red blush that matches what my cheeks look like when I’m flushed instead of based on my lip gloss or whatever the other way is.

2012-07-31 001 102

I got this gorgeous sheer red lipgloss in my MIss Texas gift bag that I’ve been using every day. It’s bright enough to add color, but sheer enough to not look heavy. It’s absolute perfection.

Once lipgloss is on, then I put my hair back down, hair spray, and I’m out the door!

2012-07-31 001 104


2012-07-31 001 121

Elf pressed powder and bronzer, Cover girl blush and eyesahdows (the quad has a white I use as a highlighter), NYC eyeliner and concealer, Mirabella lipgloss in pink tangerine, PS collections mascara.


modern Suburbanites said...

very cute!


Sarah Cherney said...

Super cute! You are super lovely!

I've done something similar to the contouring before but didn't know it could go to that extent... I'm tempted to try it out. d^__^b

Janna Renee said...

I need to learn to contour! Great tips, girl!