How to use Polyvore

Lana has been hounding me for weeks to learn how to use this.
Polyvore is basically a website that lets you take pictures from all over the internet, or that you submit yourself, and make them collages or inspiration boards. I also use  it for when I’m designing blogs, because it’s so much easier for me.
To start you’ll need to either make an account or sign up through Facebook. That’ll take you to a page that looks like this, where you’ll go to the top and find the create drop down list.

You want to create a set. Once you click that, it’ll take you to a screen that has different categories on the right. This is where you need to decide what you’re going to design. You can do an outfit, a room, or blog design. I’m going to start with an outfit, then show you how to tweak it for web design.
You can sort your choices by price range or color. Once you see something you like, just drag it over.
You can also search for different pieces. In this one, I went into the accessories category, but didn’t want to dig through all of them to find a belt, so I just did a search.
Once you have everything arranged how you like it, you want to add some color to spice it up. Go to the color category, then decide what types of color you want. I normally go to the “Colors in this set” section.

Then you can add overlays to the color to make it look a little different, or frame your set to make it pop more. Whenever you add something to your set, it gets put in order of the order you clicked on it, kind of like PowerPoint. So you’ll have to hit move backwards or move forwards a couple times to get it to actually go where you want, because it has to move through every single object that you added after it.
Then for text, go to the text category, pick your font and change the colors.
Then just save it, or print screen it.
For blog design, you do the same thing with the text. Then I usually go to the magazines category and find an article that’s shaped similar to my layout so I can block everything out.


Then once you have it all planned out how you want it and blocked, save it, then download the image to your computer so you can crop and upload everything!

If you have any questions, email me and I”ll try to explain more detailed. This was just a brief overview of Polyvore and how to use it.


Heather Forrey said...

thanks for the tutorial! and I was just looking at that bracelet yesterday :) I didn't realize you could do so much with polyvore!

Heather Forrey said...
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Alyssa said...

Stupid question: I am trying to create a template and still so confused haha. Can you give me instructions like "Polyvore Templates for Dummies" haha.