Today I quit my job. And it’s weird to be sitting here at 3:30 in the afternoon watching the entire Netflix-available series of Desperate Housewives I’ve already seen twice, knowing exactly what they’re doing right now. I didn’t quit because I hated it, or because I was unhappy. I quit because as much as I loved those kids, with my whole heart, I physically could not stand up long enough to do my job correctly.

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But looking back, it’s incredible to see how much they taught me and how quickly they laid claim to a huge part of my heart.

  1.  Like how all they want is love, even if it’s just from someone they see a few hours a day.
  2.  That even the simplest gifts can have the biggest impact if there is meaning behind them. 
  3. That the best role models aren’t necessarily the ones we’d first thing of, and that these kids need to be fed something other than a message of self worth and attractiveness being correlated.  
  4. That they may be cute, but they’re not always easy to be around.
  5. That everyone needs a protector and an advocate.
  6. Unconditional love.
  7. Little pitchers have bit ears.
  8. Break ups are always hard.


Alana Christine said...

I'm sorry boo : (

Why did I not know about this??

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Awwwhhh! I'm so behind... This makes me sad. So sorry!!