Weekly Wrap Up

My friend felt bad for me being a cripple, and gave me a baby cactus. His name is Francis (the cactus) so keep up when I talk about him. This is from Francis’ first night, but he’s grown.
Got my MRI done, and found out it’s the bone marrow in my leg that’s funky not my knee. Scared and anxious doesn’t even begin to scratch my emotions.
BUT I found my favorite owl tank to cheer me up.

Adventures now mean driving through the wilderness instead of going out and walking through it. Bummer.
Pretty Sally Hansen nails that have already garnered me tons of compliments.

I worked very hard yesterday styling for this week’s column.
And then I actually worked hard.

Proof that my true love Francis is indeed growing and thriving in his new home. He also has a new friend that I didn’t name, because it’s a basil plant and you don’t go around naming them. But the basil plant does exist.


Janna Bogert said...

Haha aww...Francis is cute...in a cactus kinda way ;) I will keep you and your knee in my thoughts. You are going to be just fine girl! Just stay positive!

Courtney B said...

Ah your knee! Praying for you!!

Alana Christine said...

Hopefully the Dr. just made a mistake, and your knee is a-okay!! haha