I can finally cross "Kiss a cow then be hit by its horn" off my bucket list.

Signing autographs at the Special Olympics with Miss Duncanville, mock interview, and my not-quite-as-satisfying fix for major Taco Bell cravings.

Singing at the Pre-Memorial Day show. And if you are a Veteran, or serving, thank you.



So, at the Special Olympics was a cow. They asked me to kiss this cow, so I agreed. I mean, it’s Texas. Kissing livestock is a fairly normal part of life (not really, but it’s not odd to see a cow) So I pet her (I think it was a girl. It had udders that produced milk, so I’m going to go with yes) then kiss her cheek. Her response was the take her horn and slam it into my forehead. You can take this two ways. Either the dear cow loved my kiss so much she was trying to cuddle up to me, or she was over being kissed. I’m going to stay optimistic and say we had a special connection.
Yes, there are pictures, and yes once I have them I will share. I know me kissing a cow is really exciting. Winking smile

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Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh, OUCH! Ha ha! You are such a great sport :)