So tell me what is our ending
Will it be beautiful
So beautiful
Will my life find me by your side
Your love is beautiful
So beautiful

Right now my life is this crazy, beautiful mess. Where everything is moving at a rapid pace, and I’m looking for something to grab onto so I can enjoy these moments. But at the same time, it’s perfect. I have no idea where the future is going, where all these new people will fit into my life or how I’ll do it. But I will. Because there' is something so incredibly wonderful about having a mess of a life set in front of you knowing that you can untangle it. Because as crazy and complicated and confusing and stressful as everything is right now, I’m happy. I’m genuinely happy and at peace. I’ve gotten to the point where I know who I am, I know what I want, and I have the people around me that fit where I’m going, instead of me molding to fit for them. Which is my definition of happiness. Pure and complete inner-peace.

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