A few things they forget to mention in freshman orientation

That you can either accept now, or wait until Junior year to realize like me.


  1. You will probably be broker than you’ve ever been in your entire life. And if you’re like me you’re thinking “No way, I’m living with my parents I’ll be fine’, and you will. But you’ll also be broke. Odd jobs for family friends/your parent’s friends will become a gift from above, whether you have a steady job or not. People will offer to buy you stuff. Your pride will tell you to say no. Say yes.
  2. Gas is really really expensive. So when your friends call at 9PM and want to go three different places, you might not want to volunteer to drive to all of them. Unless your friends are drinking. Or you have a limitless wallet.
  3. Speaking of. It’s okay to not want to drink. Really. There are people on campus that party all the time, and there will be people who never party. Find what feels right for you.
  4. Netflix and Pandora are great for long study sessions. Facebook and Pinterest aren’t.
  5. At some point, actually pay attention to school. The cute boy from class will ask you on a date when it’s time, the perfect friends will just wander into your life without you realizing. There’s not point searching.


Alana Christine said...

Great lessons! Definitely important things to learn!

Kodi said...

I love this post! I start college in a couple of weeks so I'm definitely thankful you let me know all of this now:) haha

Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

ah i miss college!!!