Some humor for your Tuesday



  • When I was around ten, I looked like that picture above. I also read a lot. And for some reason I read a book for pre-teens about feminism and decided that’s what I was meant to do with my life. So I gathered up all my hot pink note cards (as all good feminist do) and wrote quotes down on them. My mom got home from work and I sprinted into the garage to announce “MOM, I’M A FEMINIST!!!”

  • When I claim to be obsessed with owls, I mean it. This is from two years ago. My collection has since grown. I’d even say it’s doubled. I’m also scared of whales. Which has nothing to do with owls, but if you’re at Target thinking “Oh I want to buy Anna an owl, but this whale sure is cute and doesn’t she love whales almost as much?” No, I don’t. They scare me. End of story.

  • Growing up, I had a best friend who was like my sister. In our church, we don’t do God families, so we called each other Angel sisters. We thought it was the coolest thing in the world to take pictures of all our Barbies. In fact, we thought a lot of weird stuff was the coolest thing in the world. Like the time when we were 3, my mom was pregnant with my brother and sick as ever, and we decided to take every thing out of my closet and throw it on the floor “to pack for our cruise”. We weren’t going on a cruise. I still haven’t been on one, even though I’ve been packed since age three. But I’m scared of whales, remember?

  • I met this handsome guy at school. Our freshman year we had the same classes, one was history with a professor who had been there forever and loved to be talked about. So one day towards the end of class the professor handed out hershey’s kisses and told  us to tell everyone he “gave us a kiss” That was the first class E and I had really talked, and he tried to give me his chocolate for whatever reason. So I said something about not taking candy from strangers and ran out of the class. Don’t take candy from strangers. Guys you’ve known for four months are probably a safer bet.
  • This isn’t really funny, but it’s just something I wanted to throw in. I want a piece of jewelry that I wear every single day and don’t have to think about. What do y’all wear? Obviously, I don’t want a wedding ring or anything so those suggestions don’t work.


Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Hahaha omg... I laughed out loud at this.

My new everyday jewelry items are my new Spanish pearl stud earrings, and new Michael Kors watch. I am obsessed with the watch. I got it for our anniversary and I honestly don't go without it unless I'm showering! lol

Alana Christine said...

You crack me up! A good pair of diamond earrings is a good choice. Or a Tiffany's initial necklace (or key, or heart).

Anna Elizabeth said...

Your posts are so cute, they alway put a smile on my face =)

As far as everyday jewelry, I'm a fan of pearl earrings and my La Mer wrap watch!

Ruth said...

I'm not Irish at all but I have a Claddagh ring that I wear everyday. It's simple but elegant and there's a meaning behind it too!

Janna Renee said...

I love that you wanted to be a feminist! It's even funnier that you now do pageants. I think they are empowering to women, but as you know the 'feminists' aren't always for it. He really is a cutie!!