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Monday we talked about things no one really tells you about college, and we’re going to follow that up today with things you need, like clothes. People will wear everything from business casual attire to pajamas. It’s all about what’s right for you. I’d say the majority of girls wear jeans/leggings with a cute top or Nike shorts with huge t-shirts to class. I personally choose jeans or leggings, depending on if I have a test or not. But I also have other places I go after class, which is part of the reason.
The top things you’ll need to make sure you have though:
  1. Comfy shoes. Class will be all over campus, and you’ll be walking to them. Heels make no sense.This also isn’t the time to break in those cute flats you bought last weekend.
  2. iPad/laptop with case. You don’t necessarily need to bring it to class, but if you do make sure you bring a case to keep it safe. I also like bright colors because you’re more likely to use it, and it’s easier to find in the mess that becomes my school bag. I bring mine most days to take notes and stuff, but some teachers don’t allow them, and for some people being on their computer can be a distraction. It’s a personal choice.
  3. Tote or backpack. There will always be tons of stuff to carry to class, whether it’s books, your computer or binders. I use a tote to lug it all around, again personal preference. But it comes in handy to have a big bag designated JUST for school.
  4. Clutch or purse. I prefer to keep my phone, wallet and keys in a bag separate from my school bag so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. I tried throwing my keys in my backpack, but noticed I always lost them and had to stand at my car looking like an idiot while I dug through trying to find them. If you don’t want to carry multiple bags, a cute clutch is easy, and you can throw it in your school bag. Vera Bradley also makes some cute wallets that you can hook onto your keys, and throw your phone in.
  5. Jacket or sweater. I don’t have any in my outfit picks below, because it’s not that cold at all in Texas yet, but you’ll want to have one. Lecture halls can be freezing sometimes because of all the people they’re expecting to fill the room with body heat and who don’t show up. I carried around a fleece one from Old Navy for when I was cold, that I could easily take off if it got warm again.
All of these are things I would use for school, without a doubt. (The skirt outfit from J. Crew is more for days I’m going straight to work or something after class)
Old Navy

Kate Spade



modern Suburbanites said...

very cute picks!


Cortney said...

I just got that polka dot sweater in black and white from old navy, the fit is super cute! Glad I ran across your blog, new follower! Looking forward to reading more!

Sarah Cherney said...

Super cute outfits! I think I like the Old Navy ones best. Slightly dressy casual is what I'm most comfortable in. *^_^*

Janna Renee said...

I can't believe that it has been four years, since my last first day of school...Le sigh. Very good advice!